This unusual set of currency is a recreation of the the famed Dream-Dollars from the Lost Colony of Antarctica. Although many recreations of the illustrious Dream-Dollars have been made over the years, this set is the only one officially authorized by the Nadiria Historical Society. According to history, Nadiria, also known as the Lost Colony of Antarctica, was founded in 1866 by Samuel and Constance Brundt. It thrived for over thirty years, generating a diverse and eclectic collection of artifacts and records. But when the entire colony mysteriously vanished in 1899, all that was left was a collection of journals, diaries, books, and of course, the Dream-Dollars.
No trace of the colonists was ever found.

In the 1920's, the noted philosopher and mystic, Madame DeLaRue led a group of believers that did seminal research in dreaming with the use of Dream-Dollars. A new set of Dream-Dollars was made under the supervision of Mme DeLaRue, but many notes were lost or destroyed over the years.

In 1999, the Nadiria Historical Society commissioned artist Stephen Barnwell to produce a new set of Dream-Dollars to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the disappearance of the Lost Colony. Based on Mme DeLaRue's surviving notes, plus a careful study of all the notes recovered from the Colony, Barnwell worked for four years to create this new set of Dream-Dollars. It is now regarded as the most authoritative representation of the actual Dream-Dollars used in the colony.