State of War $13 note$25

The reverse depicts the Aftermath. A war-torn battlefield strewn with the bones of the dead, crowned with empty oil barrels and heaped with skulls. The vignette is flanked by the Shields of the Champions, emblazoned with the logos of oil companies, in whose name we fought. This is a FINAL RESERVES NOTE, backed by the
final oil reserves still underground. The circle at the right frames the watermark as seen from the back.

State of War notes are large, oversized notes measuring 7 x 4 1/4". They come packaged in standard "European" size plastic holders. Each note is printed on red security paper by a high resolution laser printer and is hand finished by the artist. Every note has a unique, hand-stamped serial number and seal printed in purple ink.


Limited Edition notes on genuine security paper. Security features include
watermarked paper. Hand finished by the artist.

You will be receiving the lowest available serial number.